• Core Knock-out

    Core Knock-out

    Okay – so you just butted heads with your boss, chipped your tooth on your favourite mug and now have to go to the dentist tomorrow. The countdown has begun and all you read on every sign you walk by is “Bourbon”. While we definitely understand the siren-like…

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  • 3 Stretches Using Only Your Stick

    3 Stretches Using Only Your Stick

    There’s nothing like squats to coax the grizzly out of the man. Let your inner beast rawer with some good old fashioned squats.   Shoulders 1.Hold your stick in both hands parallel to your body. Raise your arms up and back. 2.Return to start. Upper…

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  • The Sexiest Body Part You’re Ignoring

    The Sexiest Body Part You’re Ignoring

    Sir Mix-A-Lot may have said it first, with “we like ‘em real big and juicy” but you would be surprised at how many of the fairer sex love a good booty as much as you do. The glutes (or butt) are among the largest and strongest muscles in the human body…

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  • Get your sexy back!

    Get your sexy back!

    iPosture and Text Claw have been increasingly plaguing our people since the emergence of mobile devices. The amount of driving we do and increasing amount of spare tires lying around (nudge, nudge) are definitely not helping either. Immediate action is required…

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