• Snow Season. Shovelling After 40

    There’s something gentle and peaceful about a snowfall — that is, until it comes to shovelling the stuff, at which point it can become deadly. Digging yourself out after a large snowfall can be “a shock to the system,” says Matthew Mayer,…

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  • Don’t Break Your Balls

    Don’t Break Your Balls

    Watching a guy play catch with a toddler? Boring. Watching the toddler accidentally nail him in the nads? Unboring!  Ball-related mishaps are always good for a laugh — as long as they’re not your balls — but testicular torsion is no joke. Nut health is…

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  • How to Check Under Your Hood

    How to Check Under Your Hood

    For guys, there’s more to spring than cleaning, it’s the season of “The Checklist.” Rake the lawn? Check. Switch out those winter tires? Check. Cheer for your favourite Canadian team in the NHL playoffs? Che…whaaaat?!? No checkmark there this year,…

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  • How Well Do You Know Your “Happy Sack”?

    How Well Do You Know Your “Happy Sack”?

    What do you get when you cross a kick-ass superhero with umpteen hilarious terms for man parts? On one hand, you get the new Deadpool movie, which stars Canadian Ryan Reynolds, and is breaking box office records left, right and centre. But on the other hand,…

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